Libraries have an increasing role in the discovery and creation of knowledge and can cultivate the creative process within their communities. Libraries can help to advance research and publications, resulting in better quality publications. The people we serve in libraries: students, faculty , researchers, writers and the general public, need guidance with their research and publishing efforts and they turn to libraries for help with their research ,data, editing, design, author rights, and issues around re-use of content. The Library as Publisher initiative began  after the first I2NY conference in 2013 with a Library as Publisher Task group . We’re ready for a second round. Want to join this state-wide conversation?

The priority of the original I2NY Library as Publisher Task group was to “educate the New York library and archive community about the richness of library publishing.” This original group produced a series of five webinar programs and funded two innovative grant projects.

  • Broaden the conversation to include scholarly communication?
  • Develop strategies for education library staff on issues related to scholarly communication and “library as publisher”
  • Assess trends in digital content creation and publishing
  • Discuss the rules and guidelines related to data produced with federally-funded grant funds
  • Data curation in libraries

Webinar Series

Library Partnership Strategies: Library and Publisher, Library as Publisher

One pilot attempted to work with publishers to secure a textbook subscription based solution to the high-cost of textbooks, the other pilot had libraries collaborating with faculty to produce open textbooks. What do both pilots say about the future of library and commercial publishing?


University of Buffalo Libraries was the PI for a grant funded pilot program where SUNY libraries partnered with publishers to secure an etextbook subscription based solution to the high-cost of textbooks. SUNY Geneseo was the PI for a grant funded pilot program to collaborate with faculty to produce open textbooks. Both pilots have learned about the future of library publishing and commercial publishing. Dean Hendrix, University of Buffalo Libraries and Cyril Oberlander, SUNY Geneseo Milne Library will share details about the program and lessons learned.

Host: Kathy Miller, RRLC/ESLN Guests: Cyril Oberlander, SUNY Geneseo & Dean Hendrix, The University at Buffalo

No More Vanity: Using Self-Publishing as Community Engagement

In the pre-digital age, the notion of self-publishing was used pejoratively, with so-called “vanity” presses that preyed on aspiring authors while bringing a limited number of published objects to an equally limited market. But the Rochester Public Library, recognizing the changes and benefits made possible by digital publishing, decided to embrace its local authors by creating a “Self-Published Book Festival”. This full day event helped writers learn how to publish their book independently, and at the same time that it created a “festival” for where readers could discover some of the Rochester area’s finest self-published authors.

What was involved in creating the event and how was it received? Learn details from the team at Rochester Public Library that put together this exciting event.

Host: Kathy Miller, RRLC/ESLN

Guests: Carol Moldt, Judy Schewe and Bob Scheffel, Rochester Public Library

Selling Stuff:

Interested in selling… something… to create a new revenue stream? Wondering how it might work within a library mission? Dan Lopata and Alice Carli will describe their experience with creating Library Commerce, a business that allows the Eastman School of Music to sell on demand printouts of digitized scores without risking compromise to the integrity of the library’s mission or negative exposure (e.g., credit card data, trademark issues) of the larger school institution. They will discuss their business plan, how institutional challenges have been met, what they are learning about marketing, and how the gateway could be used by other libraries.

Host: Kathy Miller, RRLC/ESLN

Guests: Alice Carli, Eastman School of Music, Univ. of Rochester; Dan Lopata, Sibley Music Library & Owner/Sole Proprietor of Library Commerce.

Using the IR to Document and Disseminate Faculty Papers and Scholarship

What’s involved in starting an institutional repository? What are the implementation and policy setting issues? How are contributors recruited? How to promote the repository? What is its impact? And just where and how does this fit into the notion of “Library as Publisher”? Our two presenters will offer perspectives from both public and private academia as they talk about the challenges and opportunities that accompanied setting up repositories for their institutions.

Host: Kathy Miller, RRLC/ESLN

Guests: Kim Myers, SUNY Brockport and Yuan Li, Syracuse University

Library as Publisher – What’s Next for New York?

Digital publishing has fundamentally altered who can be a publisher, along with the formats and devices in which the content is consumed – or whatis being published. Libraries have a big role to play in this transformation.

Our series of “Library as Publisher” online Brown Bag discussion has focused on some specific applications in academic and public libraries but many of these suggestions may be adapted to any library, regardless of type. Pamela McLaughlin of Syracuse University, a member of the I2NY Library as Publisher Working Group, will start us off by discussing in more detail the genesis of the I2NY Library as Publisher initiative, the work group tht has been directing the activities, and planning for the future. She will encourage participants in this “capstone” discussion to start thinking about the questions that have driven this project and encourage a robust “chat” on what this may mean. With so many varied opportunities available for libraries to become publishers, how will they decide which path to take? Moreover, what are the potential impacts of publishing activity on traditional library practices?

Kathy Miller, we will wind up the hour by talking more about the goals and requirements that detail the next phase for this project – the I2NY Library as Publisher Incubator Grant opportunity.

Co-Hosts: Kathy Miller, RRLC/ESLN and Pamela McLaughlin, Syracuse University

Guests: The talented information professionals of New York State!