ESLN Kanopy Pricing Pilot

Empire State Library Network and Kanopy are pleased to offer ESLN members a special discount of 10% off their Patron Driven Acquisition program.

Under the PDA program, individual titles (i.e. films that trigger under the program) will all be 10% discounted off the standard college pricing as advertised.

In addition, as a separate offer, any library can opt into subscribing to the “Full MEF collection” to include all 155+ films (including new releases). Kanopy and ESLN are pleased to offer a special 35% introductory discount off the full collection to all members.

Kanopy’s PDA program permits libraries to open up access to their full database of 26,000+ films (including immediate access to all new releases) or any specific collections, and set a budget cap for the program. Libraries pay nothing (the program is completely free) and are only charged for films that are triggered by high use. For films triggered, libraries can select how long they wish to order them for – licensing (1-5 years) or purchase.

Since the pilot group has decided to establish individualized PDA programs instead of a consortial shared trigger program, we can allow additional libraries to join the ESLN-Kanopy program anytime additional permissions from publishers.

ESLN and Kanopy will continue to share group usage reports and insights amongst members that are part of the ESLN program to monitor cross library usage and revisit a group PDA if needed.

Contact Kanopy here.

For new libraries who wish to join under the ESLN-Kanopy program: each library must simply:
1) Provide a maximum budget cap for their program (to either deposit or for a “pay as you go” commitment with quarterly invoices), and
2) Select their collections to include in the program from Kanopy’s large database. You can review Kanopy’s film collections on their website: www.kanopystreaming.com.

For detailing pricing information and suggested budget levels based on peer analysis, please inquire with:

Sheryl Knab (sknab@wnylrc.org)
Tom Humphrey (tom.humphrey@kanopystreaming.com)