Resource Sharing Webinar Series

Changing Environment of Resource Sharing in Academic Libraries

June 11, 2021 @9:00am-12:00pm

Academic resource sharing has been impacted over the last 18 months due to an unprecedented pandemic causing temporary physical library closures and reduction or elimination of sharing resources. Additionally, the impact of understanding the virus lifespan on physical materials also shaped how libraries are providing resources and fulfilling ILL requests in a timely manner. This session will provide updates from various library groups on how COVID impacted the library’s or group’s mission of sharing materials, the creation of new or improved resource sharing initiatives, and the cultivation of new partnerships in this new environment.

Sponsored by the Empire State Library Network, this session is an overview of how resource sharing has impacted library organizations and academic libraries in response to the pandemic. The audience is academic directors and librarians and staff who support resource sharing.  

Each speaker will present for about 15 minutes with five minutes for questions after each session. Attendees are encouraged to submit questions ahead of time.

  • Tim Jackson, Resource Sharing and Fulfillment Coordinator for SUNY Library Services: The SUNY system implemented Alma resource sharing in the summer of 2019.  This session will cover the positives and negatives of that implementation; the impact COVID-19 had on resource sharing in SUNY, our efforts to expand Alma resource sharing, and our plans for the future.
  • Chris (CJ) Keough, Manager of the Libraries Annex at the University at Buffalo, and member of the Empire Library Delivery (ELD) Advisory Committee: Similarly to all libraries across New York State, the University at Buffalo was greatly impacted by the COVID outbreak.  Complete closure for four months resulted e-only access for our users and those we could lend to.  Upon re-opening in the fall of 2020, the staff at the University at Buffalo had to adjust many of the policies, procedures, and workflows to compensate for the safety of our staff while also getting our users what they need.   This presentation will highlight some of those changes and impact of those changes for the users at the University at Buffalo. Additionally, there will be discussion of how the Empire Library Delivery service was affected, where things currently stand with members restarting service, and plans for the upcoming year.
  • Mark Sullivan, Executive Director of the IDS Project: The Information Delivery Services (IDS) Project, based in New York, is a mutually supportive resource-sharing cooperative whose 120 members include public and private academic libraries from across the country, the New York Public Library, and the New York State Library. The Project is based on a strong sense of community among its members and a unified collection perspective. The major goal of the Project is to continually implement and objectively evaluate innovative resource-sharing strategies, policies, and procedures that will optimize mutual access to the information resources of all IDS Project libraries. This update session will highlight some of the new projects IDS is working on, such as new functions in IDS Logic, work with the Internet Archive, and the new CrossShare system being developed.
  • Kristen Wilson, Project Manager/Business Analyst, IndexData and Pam Jones, Executive Director, ConnectNY: ReShare is a community-owned, modular resource sharing platform designed to offer seamless access to shared library collections and facilitate efficient, intuitive workflows for library staff. ReShare recently released version 1.2 of its Returnables software, focused on sharing physical items between members of a consortium, and two early implementers will go live this summer: ConnectNY (CNY) and PALCI. In this presentation, Kristen Wilson will give an introduction to the ReShare project community and a brief demo of the software. Pam Jones will talk about CNY’s decision to implement ReShare. Pam and Kristen will share their experiences with the ReShare implementation process and provide updates on CNY’s progress so far.
  • John Raymond, Access Services & Technology Librarian, Siena College: Siena College Library uses Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) tools to keep course reserves active during COVID-19. John will provide an overview of their experience with CDL.
  • Andrew White, Director of Library Information Services, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Michele Matthews, Interlibrary Loan Librarian, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Andrew and Michele will speak on their approach to joining a variety of ILL programs to diversify their abilities to supplement existing collections and how their ILL activities changed by volume and format type as a result of the pandemic.
  • ESLN Institutional Repository Pilot Project Participants: Speakers will provide an overview of the Archipelago Institutional Repository Pilot project.  Pilot libraries will discuss their experiences and plans for the future.  We will also look at the long-term potential of using Archipelago as an IR.

The Future of Resource Sharing: Technologies on the Horizon

July 14, 2021 @1:30-2:30pm

As technology evolves, so does the content we share among libraries. What will resource sharing look like in the near future? The session starts with a brief overview of AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Virtual Reality and how they may benefit or challenge resource sharing in libraries. We will then open up the discussion to talk about what the future of resource sharing might look like and how libraries can adapt to emerging technologies.

Presenter: Ken Fujiuchi
Always looking to integrate emerging technology into the academic environment in creative and practical ways. Ken Fujiuchi is the Emerging Technology Librarian in the E. H. Butler Library at SUNY Buffalo State. Ken holds a Master’s in Library Science from the University at Buffalo. His research interests include information literacy, augmented reality, social media, and other emerging technologies.

Coordinated Collection Development Aid Update and Info Session

August 25, 2021 @2:00-3:00pm

Join Barbara Lilley for an overview of the NYS Coordinated Collection Development Aid program. Barbara will review how libraries should complete and submit the CCDA print and online forms, review when a library needs to submit a waiver, and share tips for libraries to track their CCDA funds once it is received on their campus. Barbara is currently the Program Officer for the New York State Program for the Conservation and Preservation of Library Research Materials at the New York State Library which provides over $2 million in grants for the preservation of mainly paper
based materials.

Presenters: Melissa Jadlos and Kate Ross from St. John Fisher College and Jane Kessler from University at Albany will also share how they are using CCDA funds, with time left for Q&A.


Project ReShare and IndexData Update

September 22, 2021 @2:00-3:30pm

2021 is an important year for Project ReShare. After three years of working together, the software is poised to go live this fall. It’s been an exciting journey so far, and we’re really just getting started. Project ReShare represents a new approach to resource sharing technology in libraries, one that places practitioners in the driver’s seat and empowers libraries to work together to take ownership of the technology that powers their services.

We’d like to take you for a tour of ReShare returnables as it stands today, and share perspectives from the current migration efforts. Then, we’ll talk about the current state of the community and the roadmap for the coming months and years. ConnectNY, a consortium of NY State academic libraries, is one of the first consortia to implement ReShare. Hear why ConnectNY decided to take this bold move and learn how to get involved!

Presenters: Kristen Wilson from IndexData and Pam Jones, ConnectNY