askus-blueAsk Us 24/7 is an Internet-based virtual text chat service connecting information seekers with librarians, available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The service is staffed by librarians from around the State; after hours are staffed by librarians across the various time zones.  Although information seekers will not necessarily be chatting with a librarian from their home library or community, they will receive assistance from a librarian who can help.

Indeed, no matter where they are based, librarians participating in Ask Us 24/7 can help with library-specific questions or with other questions. In some cases,  a question may need to be referred back to the home library—in that case, a librarian from the home library will follow up with the information seeker by email.

Ask Us 24/7 was imagined and developed by the Western New York Library Resources Council – WNYLRC.

All libraries and library systems in New York State are eligible to join Ask Us 24/7 If you are an information seeker and find that your home library does not participate, you can still ask questions by following the links on the Ask Us 24/7 website. You may want to encourage your local library to become involved in Ask Us 24/7!