Price Discount

Empire State Library Network has become a affiliate in order to bring special discounted pricing for SCOLA web subscription services to all libraries in New York State.

SCOLA is a non-profit educational organization that provides authentic foreign language resources in more than 175 native languages. SCOLA receives and re-transmits foreign TV programming from around the world and provides other foreign language resources, language lessons, and learning material on this website.

Universities, colleges, K-12 schools, cable systems, language schools and individual language learners use SCOLA foreign language resources for current events, language learning, and cultural studies.

SCOLA content is available through its web subscription service at: SCOLA also offers mobile apps for Apple and Android devices.

There are tutorials (Smart Text Help and Video Tutorial) under the Tutorials menu (located at the top of the website).  Additional information about SCOLA and how services are used is listed on the menu (About Us and then click on Who We Are, Educators and Testimonials). 

Special Pricing for New York Libraries:

Because ESLN is a SCOLA affiliate, libraries in New York benefit from special pricing.

  • School Libraries:  $100 per library
  • College and university libraries:  Current members will renew with same same rate of $200 annually; new members will be charged 30% off their normal pricing.
  • Special Libraries: $100 per library
  • Public Libraries:  $100 per library
    • NOTE: A public library with branches is $100 which includes access for the branches. Public libraries within a library system would be each considered a separate library at $100 each.

Billing is directly from SCOLA to the library.

Terms of Use:

SCOLA can be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes. Libraries purchasing a web subscription must agree to the Terms of Use. The terms of Use can be downloaded here.  

Methods of Access:

SCOLA will work with the library to establish the type of access needed, e.g. IP authentication, password, etc.


Contact Kathryn Larson, SCOLA Account Executive, by or telephone: (712) 566-2202.  Or you may go to to request a free trial, be sure to list Kathryn’s name beside PROMO CODE to receive the special pricing.  Individual product demonstrations are also available.